191016-1829-8.jpgVanessa Wright  Editor

Vanessa Wright is a second year PhD student at the University of Leeds. Her interdisciplinary research project examines cross-dressing in French and English literature from 1200 to 1500 and uses literary, text/image, codicological analysis to explore medieval representations of cross-dressing. Her research interests include gender and sexuality, canon law, and medieval book culture. As well as being the Editor of Cerae, Vanessa is the Editorial Assistant for the journal, Northern History.

 mgp-uwa-tara-morin-01.jpgTara Auty  Deputy Editor

Tara Auty is currently doing her PhD in Classics at the University of Western Australia, with the Centre for the History of the Emotions. Her work focuses on the tradition of Latin Epic and its relationship to community emotions, while her present research specifically looks at this relationship in the fifteenth century after the Fall of Constantinople. She is particularly interested in the ‘othering’ of Byzantine refugees and of the Islamic East in Latin texts from this period in Italy’s history. She has taught in Latin, Medieval & Early Modern Studies, and Ancient History at UWA, and is passionate about advancing studies in the Classical Tradition and MEMS through both teaching and research, especially through the avenues of digital humanities and open access publishing.

img_0427.jpgImogen Forbes-Macphail   Fundraising Officer

Imogen Forbes-Macphail is currently completing a PhD in English Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. Her current academic work focuses on the relationship between literature and mathematics in nineteenth-century Britain. Recent articles include ‘“I shall in due time be a poet”: Ada Lovelace’s Poetical Science in its Literary Context’; ‘The Enchantress of Numbers and the Magic Noose of Poetry: Literature, Mathematics and Mysticism in the Nineteenth Century’; and ‘“Cinquefoil Token”: Infinitesimal Calculus and The Wreck of the Deutschland’. She is currently a coordinator of the literature and digital humanities working group at UC Berkeley. In 2016, she completed an MPhil at the University of Cambridge on Medieval literature, with a dissertation focusing on fifteenth-century variations on the Chaucerian dream-vision tradition.

Stephanie Hathaway  Book Reviews Editor

Stephanie Hathaway completed a PhD at the University of Sydney in Old French and Middle High German epic.  She has published on transmission of the Old French chansons de geste material in other medieval languages, and has taught at the universities of Sydney, Bristol and Oxford.  Currently in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, Oxford, she researches cross-pollination of themes and intertextuality in medieval literature, and interpretations of monastic rules.

10548226_10152990255219008_1221979649136685678_oStephanie Thomson  Deputy Reviews Editor

Stephanie Thomson is a PhD candidate in History at the University of Adelaide. Her doctoral research looks at laywomen’s religious patronage and patronage networks during the early English Reformation (c. 1530-1558). Her broader scholarly interests include the history of the book, women and gender, religious culture, and the European Reformations.

cooper profile Dr Melanie Cooper  Promotions Officer

Melanie is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide where she graduated with a PhD in Art History in 2017. Her thesis explores representations of mythological masculinities in eighteenth-century French art and visual culture as a means through which to build upon understandings of perceptions and expectations of gender during this period. Her research interests include representations of gender and sexuality, Enlightenment studies, mythology and folklore, early evolutionism, naturalism and theories of sensationism and epicurean stoicism.

michaelDr. Michael Ovens  Founding Member

Dr. Michael Ovens is early career researcher working in the literature, history, and performance of interpersonal violence in the medieval and early modern period. Alongside his traditional scholarly outputs, Michael is an active developer of virtual reality experiences for education and research. He is a founding member of Ceræ: An Australasian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies and a practitioner and researcher of historical European martial arts.

profilepicture-01Skye McAlpine Walker  Social Media Editor

Skye is a graduate of the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Western Australia and is currently pursuing post-graduate studies in the UK. Her research interests include Middle English literature, medieval herbals and the esoteric manuscript tradition.