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On this website, you will find information about our Editorial Committee, links to all of our Blog posts, including extended article content, Calls For Papers, as well as information about both Essay Prizes and Sponsorship. Please find the links to all of our published and future volumes here:


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Ceræ is an award-winning, peer-reviewed, academic journal of medieval and early modern studies, managed through an Open Journal Systems site hosted by the University of Western Australia. If you wish to navigate our journal using the Open Journal Systems site, the OJS Home page for Ceræ is accessible here. Since its inception, Ceræ has intentionally been both a digital-only and an open access publication. This conscious choice was made in order to highlight the similarities between the ubiquitous wax tablets – ceræ – of the ancient, medieval, and early modern worlds, and the palimpsest-like nature of how information in the twenty-first century is both disseminated and stored within a variety of digital media. To read more about the inspiration behind our journal’s name and logo, please find this short manifesto from one of our founding members.


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