Volume 6 (2019)


Christina Cleary: Editor’s Foreword

Themed Articles

Matthias Egeler: The Fluidity of Tradition: Place-Names, Travelogues, and Medieval Tales of the Western Icelandic Shoreline

Andrea Maraschi: Learning from the Past to Understand the Present: 536 AD and its Consequences for Man and the Landscape from a Catastrophist Perspective

Non-Themed Articles

Sofia Fagiolo: The Pious Knight in Medieval Hagiography, c. 930–1058


Erica Steiner: Review: Landscape and Myth in North-Western Europe

Felix Taylor: Review: Sub-creating Arda: World-building in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Work, Its Precursors, and Its Legacies

Matthew Firth: Review: The Saint and the Saga Hero: Hagiography and Early Icelandic Literature

Christina Cleary: Review: Fuidheall Áir: Bardic Poems on the Meic Dhiarmada of Magh Luirg c. 1377–1637

Veronica De Duonni: Review: Figuring Racism in Medieval Christianity

Joanne Edge: Review: The Routledge History of Medieval Magic

Minjie Su: Review: Supernatural Encounters in Old Norse Literature and Tradition

Kirsty Bolton: Review: Chaucer: A European Life

Kirsty Bolton: Review: Married Life in the Middle Ages

Francesca Petrizzo: Review: Crusading and Masculinities

Featured image: Guillaume de Machaut, Le verger mystérieux dans Le Dit du Lion, BNF Fr 1586, f.103r