Volume 5 (2018)

Representations and Recollections of Empire

Stephanie L. Hathaway: Editor’s Foreword

Themed Articles

Philippa Byrne: More than Roman Salt: Sallust, Caesar and Cato in Twelfth- and Early Thirteenth- Century Moral Thought

Matthew Firth: The Politics of Hegemony and the ‘Empires’ of Anglo-Saxon England

Minjie Su: Profile of An Emperor: Reading Vita Karoli Magni in Light of Its Sources and the Socio-political Context of Its Composition

Miranda Lee Elston: ‘Holy Things:’ Dürer’s ‘Feast of the Rosary’ in the Rudolfine Court


Kirsty Bolton: Review: Boundaries in the Medieval and Wider World: Essays in Honour of Paul Freedman

Mark Neuendorf: Review: Early Modern Emotions: An Introduction

Derek Whaley: Review: Entangled Empires: The Anglo-Iberian Atlantic, 1500-1830

Matthew Firth: Review: How the Anglo-Saxons Read Their Poems

Erica Steiner: Review: The Picts Re-Imagined

Matthew Firth: Review: Making England, 796-1042

Erica Steiner: Review: The Kingdom of Rus’

Stephanie L. Hathaway: Review: Vaucelles Abbey: Social, Political, and Ecclesiastical Relationships in the Borderland Region of the Cambrésis, 1131-1300

Mark Neuendorf: Review: Sociable Knowledge: Natural History and the Nation in Early Modern Britain

Featured Image: Portrait of Otto III, Gospels of Otto III, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek,  Munich, Clm.4453, f.24v.