Ceræ Editorial Committee

Volume 6 Editorial Committee

Christina Cleary: Editor

Christina Cleary

Christina Cleary currently lectures in Early Irish literature and language in the Department of Irish and Celtic Languages, Trinity College Dublin, where her doctoral research included a study of the emergence of the medieval Irish literary cycle, as well as a new edition and translation of the Old Irish tale Aislinge Óenguso ‘The Dream of Óengus’. Her research primarily deals with secular Irish literature from the eighth to the twelfth centuries and strategies for developing best practice tools for dating and critically editing Early Irish literature. At present she has two large projects underway: a first diplomatic edition of the sixteenth-century manuscript BL Egerton 1782; and a collection of essays in honour of Eleanor Knott. The former feeds into a wider study of the activities of the Ó Maoil Chonaire family of scribes during the Early Modern Irish period and their lasting cultural impact. Christina also enjoys reading Middle Welsh, Middle Breton and Latin literature.

Minjie Su: Reviews Editor


Minjie Su is currently a DPhil candidate in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. In her thesis, she looks into werewolves in Old Norse-Icelandic literature, and analyses different aspects of the human-wolf dynamic, including skin, clothing, diet, emotion, and purpose and identity. Her other interests include the reception of Old Norse and medieval literature in popular culture, medieval French romance, and Gothic literature. Minjie is also a staff writer at medievalists.net and the Medieval Magazine.

Kirsty Bolton: Deputy Reviews Editor

Kirsty Bolton

Kirsty Bolton is a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton, UK. Her thesis focuses on Motherhood, Space, and Building in French and Middle English Romances. She is interested in the performance of motherhood in medieval literature and how female characters used space and building to enact the identity of mother. Kirsty gained her undergraduate degree from the University of Warwick and her MA from the University of York. She worked in publishing for five years before returning to academia. She teaches undergraduate modules on Old English literature and language, as well as interdisciplinary Viking Studies.

Tess Watterson: Secretary


Tess Watterson is currently a Masters of Research candidate at Macquarie University, having recently completing her undergraduate degree in Modern History. Her research explores representations of the Middle Ages in digital media, with a particular focus on immersive technologies such as video games. She is interested in the power of cultural imagination, the many ways that medium can shape narratives about the past, and the specific ways the Medieval world has been remembered and remediated in different contexts.

Erica Steiner: Web Editor

Erica Steiner

Erica Steiner is a MPhil candidate at the University of Sydney in the Celtic Studies department, and her thesis explores the history of tattooing in the British Isles up to the early medieval period, and how this informs the broader study of ethnicity and identity in this period. As well having as a BA (Hons) in Medieval Studies, with a thesis entitled ‘The Dating and Datability of Beowulf in an Historical and Eschatological Context’, Erica also holds a BSc in Marine Geophysics. Her other research projects include studies in landscape archaeology and geomythology, as well as representations of the past in modern media.

Matt Firth: Social Media Editor


Matt is a PhD candidate at Flinders University in Adelaide South Australia, and his research focuses on the reception of Anglo-Saxon kingship in the texts of the twelfth- and thirteenth-century Anglo-Scandinavian world (though this is increasingly focused on the Icelandic sagas). Matt holds a BA from the University of Sydney, and an MA in history and classical languages from the University of New England. He also researches other aspects of Anglo-Saxon kingship and culture, and has published a number of articles on the reign of King Æthelstan and its representations.

James Youd: TreasurerJames Youd

James Youd is currently  PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia, looking at the evolution of the “Australian fairy tale” from the 19th the 21st centuries. In 2017, James graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Medieval Studies and English from UWA, having completed his Honours thesis on religious parody in Chaucer. His research interests include English morality plays, 16th century drama and Middle English literature.

Cheryl Major: Fundraising OfficerCheryl Major

Cheryl Major completed a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Western Australia in Medieval Studies and English in 2017. Her Honours thesis was a fictional 12th century historical diary of Marie of France, Countess of Champagne (1145-1198). Her current research focus include idealistic natures of 12th century French courtly love, Arthurian literature and representations of medieval life in contemporary historical fiction.


Melanie Cooper: General Committee Member

Melanie Cooper

Melanie is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide where she graduated with a PhD in Art History in 2017. Her thesis explored representations of mythological masculinities in eighteenth-century French art and visual culture as a means through which to build upon understandings of perceptions and expectations of gender during this period. Her research interests include representations of gender and sexuality, Enlightenment studies, mythology and folklore, early evolutionism, naturalism and theories of sensationism and epicurean stoicism.

Veronica De Duonni: General Committee Member


Veronica De Duonni completed her PhD in the History of Medieval Art in 2017 at the University of Salerno, and her thesis examined the manuscript production in the scriptorium of the abbey of Montevergine. Her research explores illuminated manuscripts and all things concerned with the ancient book, while her current research focus is on the fragments of medieval manuscripts kept in the archives. She also obtained a specialised Diploma of Archival Paleography and Diplomacy at Archivio di Stato Napoli.

Julia Pelosi-Thorpe: General Committee Member

Julia Pelosi-Thorpe

Julia Pelosi-Thorpe is an MA candidate in Italian Studies at the University of Melbourne. Her studies centre on the ventriloquism of voice, and she is writing her thesis on Ovid’s use of female voices in the Heroides and its reception in baroque Italian poetry. She has a BA(Hons) in Classical Studies and wrote her thesis on the figure of Dido in Virgil’s Aeneid and Ovid’s Heroides 7. Her wider research interests involve the positioning of femininity within love poetry, and textual reception, rewriting, and translation.


Cassandra Schilling: General Committee Member

Cassandra Schilling

Cassandra Schilling completed her Honours (First Class) in Medieval History and Literature at Flinders University in 2018, with a thesis entitled, “Peace-weaving Paradigms: Anglo-Saxon socio-cultural attitudes to peace-weaving queens in Beowulf”. Her current research focuses on more broadly on Anglo-Saxon society and early medieval queenship.



Volume 5 Editorial Committee

Editor: Stephanie Hathaway (University of Oxford)

Deputy Editor: Mark Neuendorf (University of Adelaide)

Associate Editor: Emma Knowles (University Of Cambridge)

Reviews Editor: Stephanie Thomson (University of Adelaide)

Web Editor: Erica Steiner (University of Sydney)

Secretary: Tess Watterson (Macquarie University) and Jessica Donovan (University of Western Australia)

Treasurer: James Youd (University of Western Australia)

Social Media Editor: Kirsty Bolton (University of Southampton)

Fundraising Officer: Cheryl Major (University of Western Australia)

General Committee Members: Vanessa Wright (University of Leeds) and Melanie Cooper (University of Adelaide)

Volume 4 Editorial Committee

Editor: Vanessa Wright (University of Leeds)

Deputy Editor: Tara Auty (University of Western Australia)

Reviews Editor: Stephanie Hathaway (University of Oxford)

Deputy Reviews Editor: Stephanie Thomson (University of Adelaide)

Secretary: Tara Auty (University of Western Australia)

Treasurer: Tara Auty (University of Western Australia)

Social Media Editor: Skye Walker (University of York)

Promotions Officer: Melanie Cooper (University of Adelaide)

Fundraising Officer: Imogen Forbes-Macphail (University of California, Berkeley)

Volume 3 Editorial Committee

Editor: Marcus Harmes (University of Southern Queensland)

Deputy Editor: Vanessa Wright (University of Leeds)

Reviews Editor: Stephanie Hathaway (University of Oxford)

Secretary: Tara Auty (University of Western Australia)

Treasurer: Tara Auty (University of Western Australia)

Social Media Editor: Michael Ovens (University of Western Australia)

Volume 2 Editorial Committee

Editor: Michael Ovens 

Co-Editor: Imogen Forbes-Macphail

Deputy Editor: Sarah Russell

Reviews Editor: Amy Barnes

Co-Secretaries: Brid Phillips, Kelly Midgley

Co-Treasurers: Jane Héloïse-Nancarrow, Makoto Takao Harris, Kelly Midgley

Social Media & Web Editor: Darren Smith

Volume 1 Founding Editorial Committee

Editor: Imogen Forbes-Macphail

Deputy Editor: Makoto Harris Takao

Reviews Editor: Michael Ovens

Secretary: Bríd Phillips

Co-Treasurers: Jane-Héloïse Nancarrow, Amy Hilhorst

Web Editor: Alana Bennett

Web Co-Editor: Darren Smith

General Committee Member: Sarah Russell





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