Volume 1 (2014)

Emotions in History

Imogen Forbes-Macphail: Editor’s Foreword

Themed Articles

Sarah Antinora: Please Let This Be Much Ado about Nothing: ‘Kill Claudio’ and the Laughter of Release

Andrea Brady: The Physics of Melting in Early Modern Love Poetry

Christine Edwards: ‘In No Respect Can Contraries be True’: Passion and Reason in Marlowe’s Edward II

Hannah Lane: ‘L’orage des passions’: Expressing Emotion on the Eighteenth-Century French Single-action Harp

Kate McGrath: Peasant Anger and Violence in the Writings of Orderic Vitalis

Laura Saxton: ‘There is more to the story than this, of course’: Character and Affect in Philippa Gregory’s The White Queen

David Thorley: The Melancholy of Henry More


Marcus Harmes: Review: Broadside Ballads Online

Michael Ovens: Review: Wiktenauer

Jane-Anne Denison: Review: Thomas Meyer’s Beowulf

Melissa Michele Russell: Review: Nothing Natural is Shameful: Sodomy and Science in Late Medieval Europe

Mark Neuendorf: Review: Emotions and Health, 1200-1700

Alana Bennett: Review: Blind Impressions: Methods and Mythologies in Book History

Kelly Midgley: Review: Writing and Reading in Medieval Manuscript Culture

Brid Mary Phillips: Review: Emotional Excess on the Shakespearean Stage: Passion’s Slaves

James L. Smith: Review: The Book of Nature and Humanity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Deborah Seiler: Review: Friendship and Social Networks in Scandinavia, c.1000-1800

Hilary Jane Locke: Review: Shame and Honour: A Vulgar History of the Order of the Garter

Featured Image: Woodcut illustration of the Four Humours, Leonhard Thurneysser, ‘Quinta Essentia’, Leipzig, 1574.