Welcome to Impressions, the blog of Cerae Journal!

Ceræ is a new journal in the field of medieval and early modern studies founded by a group of enthusiastic postgraduate students based at Australasian universities. Although Australasia has a number of high-quality postgraduate journals, it lacked a postgraduate journal dedicated to the field of medieval and early modern studies. Inspired by developments in the field of digital humanities, Ceræ offers an online forum for research and discussion, as well as supporting and encouraging the use of multimedia content in our published material.

Impressions is the blog accompanying the journal and its explorations in the world of digital humanities. On Impressions you will find official Ceræ announcements, Calls for Papers, interesting medieval and early modern news, opinion pieces from graduates and early career researchers and the occasional whimsical diversion into amusing medieval content from the internet.

Stay tuned for more content!