Volume 7: Minority and Marginalised Experiences

We here at Ceræ, after a year full of unexpected challenges, are pleased to bring our readers Volume 7: Minority and Marginalised Experiences. This volume contains three themed articles, a varia, and six book reviews. We are immensely proud of the work of the authors, the editorial committee, our book reviewers, the peer reviewers, and thankful for the assistance of everyone involved.

This volume is special to us for a number of reasons. Volume 7 marks our first publication as a fully independent peer-reviewed journal. We have moved away from our previous publishing system with the University of Western Australia and transitioned to our own web-only publishing system. This has allowed us collectively as a journal to more fully realize our goal of bringing the public open access, peer-reviewed research on Medieval and Early Modern Subjects. Additionally, for the first time we are offering our full volume as a single PDF in addition to PDFs of each individual article, varia, and book review in this edition.

In Volume 7 of Ceræ, we decided to bring into focus research on communities and subjects that were considered to be on the margins of society, or considered to be minority groups. Minority and marginized experiences, like in the present, have much to teach us about our societies in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods. To that end, Felipe E. Rojas brings us an article about transgressive sexuality and gender within early modern Spanish literature, Emma Louise Barlow sensitively discusses the thorny issue of suicide within Dante’s Inferno, and Caroline Wilhelmson investigates issues of identity with Finland’s lack of representation within the royal titulature of Sweden in the early modern centuries. We are also very pleased to announce that Volume 7 of Ceræ marks the first inclusion of a submission to our Varia section, with Jordan Church’s original composition in Middle English in homage to the very popular medieval genre of bestiaries.

All sections and the volume in it’s entirety are available at the Volume 7 page here.