Volume 7 Essay Prize Winner

Ceræ is pleased to announce that the winner of our Volume 7 essay prize is Dr. Emma Louise Barlow for her article, ‘Emotional Minds and Bodies in the Suicide Narratives of Dante’s Inferno which discusses the dynamic role suicide plays in Dante’s Inferno.

We had excellent submissions for Volume 7 for the theme ‘Minority and Marginalised Experiences’, and we are impressed with all of our published authors this year. 

Her article discusses how despite suicide not being understood as a concept in the same way as it is today, there are shared emotions and experiences by those who commit suicide which are recognized by Dante. Through the analysis of the emotive language surrounding suicides in Inferno, her article discusses “the ways in which, even inadvertently, Dante reflects on the distancing of the suicides from the civic bodies of their communities, from their own physical bodies, and from the vital rationality of their human minds, and thus to investigate the ways in which the lack of emotional wellbeing experienced by the suicides forces them to the edges of society’s, and their own, consciousness.”

Emma’s article can be read both in the full edition of Volume 7, and as an individual article. We hope that you will enjoy reading ‘Emotional Minds and Bodies in the Suicide Narratives of Dante’s Inferno.

Please join us in thanking the authors for their contributions and congratulating Dr. Barlow for winning this year’s essay contest and prize of $200 AUD.

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