Leeds IMC 2024: Call for Papers (Hybrid)

In times of crisis, the role of memory in shaping societal responses and perceptions of the past becomes particularly pronounced. This panel, titled Remembering in Times of Crisis seeks to consider the ways in which societies use memory to navigate and make sense of times of upheaval and uncertainty.

This panel invites scholars from diverse disciplines to explore the intricate relationship between memory, crisis, and historical consciousness in the medieval and early modern periods. We are also interested in looking forward and invite papers that examine how contemporary societies reinterpret and engage with these historical periods in times of their own crises. This could refer to medieval or early modern societies reflecting on their present through their past experiences or social norms, or to modern societies referencing the medieval and early modern past in addressing contemporary crises

Topics might include, but are not limited to: 

  • Mnemonic objects, landscapes, rituals, prose and verse, etc.
  • The interfaces between orality and literacy.
  • Cultural memory theory and societal storehouses of experience.
  • Intercultural contact and the transmission of ideas.
  • Education and memoria.
  • The modern reception of medieval and early modern pasts.

Please submit a 150–250-word abstract alongside full contact details, equipment and accessibility requirements, scheduling requests, and whether you intend to present in person or online to ceraejournal@gmail.com by Thursday, September 28th at 11:59pm (GMT).

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