We’re a Booktopia Affiliate!

Ceræ is excited to announce that we have recently joined Booktopia‘s affiliate program as part of our ongoing efforts to help mitigate the (ever-rising) administrative costs of digital publishing. By partnering with Booktopia, we hope to help ensure the continued success of our publication while also offering our readers an easy and convenient way to access the books they need.

As an open-access, digitally-based journal that specialises in medieval and early modern studies, Ceræ has always been committed to providing scholars and readers around the world with top-quality research and articles. However, as a small, independent publication, we rely on the support of our readers and supporters to keep our journal open access and accessible to all.

By joining the Booktopia affiliate program, Ceræ will earn a commission on any sales made through our unique affiliate link. This means that every time someone clicks on our link and makes a purchase, a portion of the sale will be donated to our organisation. This is a simple yet effective way for people to support our work without having to make a direct donation.

Booktopia is also Australian-owned and operated. While we are thrilled to be expanding internationally (in all areas: committee members, authors, readers, and research!) and will continue to do so, Ceræ began as an Australian journal at the University of Western Australia in 2013 and it remains based in Australia. Our partnership with Booktopia reflects the continued importance of that connection. That said, with a wide selection of books, both academic and otherwise, and excellent customer service, we believe that our readers and supporters around the globe will appreciate the convenience of purchasing books through Booktopia while also supporting Ceræ.

We hope that our partnership with Booktopia will help us to continue our mission of making scholarship accessible to all. We encourage our readers to use our Booktopia affiliate link when making their next book purchase and to share it with friends and colleagues who may be interested in supporting our open access journal.

You can find our unique link permanently on our Sponsorships page, and we will share it when it is appropriate to do so in future blog posts and social media posts. We will always make sure to clearly disclose when a post contains an affiliate link.

If you’re currently looking for your next read, please see below for some of our committee members’ current recommendations:

For a scholarly read, Meredith Cutrer, General Committee member and DPhil candidate in the Faculty of History at the University of Oxford, recommends Prison, Punishment and Penance in Late Antiquity by Julia Hillner*:

If you’re looking for an interesting fiction read, Erica Steiner, Web Editor and final-year MPhil candidate at the University of Sydney in the Celtic Studies department, suggests Freedom & Necessity by Steven Brust and Emma Bull*:

And, finally, if you’re looking for an academic book co-authored by a current Ceræ committee member, please check out Margins, Monsters, Deviants: Alterities in Old Norse Literature and Culture, edited by Gwendolyne Knight and Rebecca Merkelbach*. Gwendolyne was the editor for Volumes 7 and 8 of Ceræ and remains a General Committee member. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Centre for Medieval Studies (History Dept.) at Stockholm University.

Thank you all for your continued support of Ceræ.

*Affiliate Disclaimer: As an affiliate of Booktopia, Ceræ will receive a small commission from any book that you purchase through one of our affiliate links. This comes at no extra cost to you, but helps us greatly. Any link that is an affiliate will be clearly labelled with an asterisk. For more information on this, please see our announcement blog post or our sponsorship page for more information. Thank you for your continued support!

Featured Image: David and Goliath, from Psalter (‘The Alphonso Psalter’) (formerly known as ‘The Tenison Psalter’), Courtesy of The British Library.

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