Meet our Volume 9 Authors: Solveig Marie Wang

Welcome to the first post in a new blog series that introduces the readers of Ceræ to the authors of each issue.

First up in this series of posts is Solveig Marie Wang. Wang is an Early Career Researcher of medieval Fennoscandia, and is currently working on the DFG-funded project “Mission Before Colonisation: A Reassessment of Religious Contact in Greenland and Sápmi, 1000-1550” at the University of Greifswald. She is also the managing editor of the Apardjón Journal for Scandinavian Studies.

Wang was the recipient of Ceræ‘s Essay Prize for Volume 9, which is awarded to the best themed or non-themed article submission submitted by a graduate student or early-career researcher (ECR) in each issue.

Read Wang’s Article Here

  1. Where can we find you on social media?
    Twitter: @solarwang

  2. What projects are you currently working on (if you can divulge!)?
    Right now, I am busy working on several different exciting projects! Primarily, I’m busy with the project I work for, Mission before Colonisation, and hope to write up an article on the findings soon.

  3. What are you currently reading for fun?
    I’m currently reading Andreas Klein’s Early Modern Knowledge about the Sámi: A History of Johannes Schefferus’ Lapponia (1673), and I am really enjoying the methodology he uses and the style of writing.

  4. What is a book that you would recommend to someone who reads your article in Ceræ and wants to learn more?
    I’d recommend Hansen and Olsen’s Hunters in Transition as a starting point!

  5. Where would you like to see your field go in the next few years? Is there an area of research in your field that you feel needs more focus/attention?
    I hope the field becomes more inclusive and that Indigenous narratives is granted more attention 🙂

Solveig Marie Wang

Thanks to Solveig for so kindly answering these questions for us! Our next “meet the author” post will be coming out shortly, and until then please make sure to check out Volume 9 of Ceræ, and let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook!

Read Volume 9 (2022), Ritual: Practice, Performance, Reception

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